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Our consultancy has experience of a wide range of projects. Below are a few examples of drawings which can be viewed by downloading the PDFs.





Three Storey Nursing Home - Traditional masonry construction with hollow core precast upper floors, with the roof constructed in trussed rafters and steel. The drawing shows general arrangement layout for a ground floor designed integrally to serve as a piled raft foundation solution to the rear diagonal wings and as a flexible raft foundation to the front wing. A movement joint has been provided between the two foundations. Contract Value £7.5m

3 Storey Nursing Home
Snooker Hall Roof - The design brief was to provide a steel structure to replace a failed timber trussed rafter roof. The existing roof was to remain in position so the new steel structure had to be located between the truss members and had to be assembled within the roof space from small fabricated components.
Snooker Hall Roof View 1Snooker Hall Roof View 2Snooker Hall Roof View 3  


Conversion of school building to a dwelling - The design brief was to provide a new first floor which required existing timber trusses to be modified to allow removal of truss members to create clear space at first floor level. A strict construction procedure was specified to acheive the final configuration safely and without damage occuring to the building

.School Conversion

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