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TCL Consulting Limited is an established Structural and Civil Engineering Consultancy based in Wells, Somerset.

The consultancy provides an efficient professional service supported through a wide experience of civil and structural engineering in the construction industry. It aims to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards both in engineering concepts and the production of information.

TCL Consulting Limited can provide a wide range of services including structural designs for a wide range of new building structures, structural surveys and investigations, alterations to, and conversion of, existing buildings. The design of roads, drainage and associated buried structures is also undertaken.

The consultancy specialises in the design of special structures such as helical and spiral staircases, and glass structures, and accepts commissions for projects where complex structural analysis is required.

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TCL Consulting based in Wells ,Somerset and covering  England, Ireland and Wales, provides  professional structural and engineering services including projects such as building design, new building projects, refurbishment and conversion projects including improvements, change of use and alternations to foundations and structure.TCL also prove structural investigations / surveys, diagnosis, design and supervision of remedial works.